Genuine Power Bead Necklaces

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Rose Quartz Necklace
This 22" necklace is spaced with 6 8mm black Cloissone Beads, and has a 14kt fish hook catch.
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Power Beads Necklaces

Blue Cat's Eye Necklace
 Meaning: "Happiness"
24" long, 8mm beads, hand knotted on blue silk cord. Can be customized  with 14kt gold/ sterling silver spacers, and 14kt fish/ball  hook catch.
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Price as shown: $ 44.95

Power-beads necklaces

Onyx & Goldstone Necklace
This 16" Necklaces is spaced with Sterling Silver graduated beads, and has a Sterling Silver catch. In the center of the necklace there is a Cloisonne bead.

Onyx & Goldstone Necklace

  Hematite Necklace
This 28" 7mm is long enough to go over head, no catch needed!  There are 7mm round hematite beads, along with 4 oblong shaped beads, which are spaced with 14kt gold spacers!

Hematite Necklace

Lavender Jade Necklace  
This necklace is 22" long with 7mm jade beads.  There is a 14kt gold fish hook catch!
Power Beads Custom Necklace

          Our power beads can be arranged with Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold graduated beads and spacers for additional brilliance with any combination of the power beads. You may also add a Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold fish catch. Visit our Custom Bracelets Collection for more ideas. Please feel free to Email Us

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